Sunday, February 28, 2010


Spent yesterday afternoon in the shop. Scraped and edgebanded FISH STIX rudder and centerboard. Began working on the gaffs for her and the tuck-ups. Used the spar gauge to mark the 45ยบ chamfers on the two gaffs that Bill had tapered last week. Got one almost all the way planed. Want to make a few check gauges cut from scrap plywood so they don't get planed or sanded too small. 1 3/4", 1 5/8'', and 1 1/2" ought to do it for the gaffs.

Today, painted at the lab and my shop, gentle yellow, a nice color and name. Boss has been doing electrical for the last two days which makes her grumpy. Got to order the secret ingredient to complete URCHINs refit.

Check out SILENT MAIDs new bookcase and navagation storage space designed by John Brady. The photo is his. You can see her new shelves on her blog.

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