Friday, February 12, 2010

Boom for FISH STIX

Here is an example of how one thing forgotten can change things. I was trying to save spruce by not making a perfect square to start the solid boom. I cut the central thick part to the major diameter and then found the intersections of the circle for the top and bottom layers and glued it up this way. This would have worked except for the fact that the boom needed to have a flat side. That was the thing forgotten - flat side.

Luckily, the outside parts were a bit thicker than need be so I could save it by making a rectangular sectioned boom with half inch round overs. I had to recalculate all the sections and then lay them out with a batten on the laminated part. JJBach helped me bandsaw the larger of the two radii, and the I planed the two smaller ones also with his help.

Fir has a density of .53 g/cc, Lead has a density of 11.35 g/cc ~ 20x that of fir, so if 5% of the volume of the centerboard is lead it should sink.

Primed the other side of URCHINs centerboard (aluminum, density of 2.7 g/cc) which does sink. It is about two and half times heavier than water.

TORCHs deck is faired, her box beams almost finished and her rubrails and mahogany trim being replaced.

SILENT MAIDs fridge is trimmed out. Sharpening lesson with the boss. Snow on the docks and garvey.

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