Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WOW What a Workday

Today, got all the rest of the spruce spar stock surfaced and one edge jointed square. The next step will be to cut the starves for the hollow spars with help from JJBach (AKA Cookie.) We talked to a lot of visitors today.

Glued up two more solid spars for a total of three gaffs and one boom. Restacked all the Spruce under SILENT MAID. Been spending a lot of time underneath the beautiful boat. She's just has such a nice shape from below.

Hartley made a cap for FISH STIX centerboard case.

Joe did a nice job fitting and fairing the centerboard.

I'll have to figure out the density of fir and the volume to make sure we weight it enough to sink. JB glued up the interior partition for MAID and Newt spent the day in her fridge..

Calvin & Jeff have almost completed the interior adjustments to TORCH. I am hoping we can roll her over soon and re-fair her seams.

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