Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rabbit, Turtle, Horse?

The instruction label on the green monster for your amusement. JBach and I cut the rest of the mast staves today. Afterward, we were looking at the pile and then we were regaled by a shop story I hadn't heard before. It seems as though a group of volunteers cut up a bunch of staves to use to sticker a pile of rough cut lumber. Not only were the staves cut into short pieces they had already been tapered and cut on both sides to the Herreshoff 22.5ยบ. One expensive mistake, both in cost of Sitka spruce and in shop time. Darn those volunteers, always trying to be helpful.

A spar gauge made by Pete to make guide lines for 8s and 16 sides spars.

TORCH has this odd split in her sheer plank. There is paint in it, tension split? collision compression?

FISH STIX deck sanding. The original fish stick, a push stick for the table saw.

SILENT MAIDs custom fridge lid.

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