Monday, February 8, 2010

Jacked Up

Jeff fairing TORCHs new deck.

The Broadaxe Award to SILENT MAIDs owner for significant contribution to catboat building. Her engine getting it's bracket. I realize that I have very little idea at what is under the box in the cockpit. I an amazed at the knowledge of the guys who work on such things. While I would like to be the girlfriend in the movie"My Cousin Vinnie", I didn't learn this stuff early.

The workbench was jacked up to flat and new support legs attached.

The night crew came in and worked on FISH STIX. Paul G. installed the breasthook which he had carefully fit. Looks great. I know, I know, it's a workboat. He, Mike and Ed finished installing the rub rails. Mike helped me glue up two gaffs, that Paul and Ed had cut the staves for. Paul S. and Pete P. did another shift at the planer and finished all the spruce. Pete B. arrived to cheer everyone on.

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