Friday, April 16, 2010


Today started out with collecting photos of the many volunteers at the workshop. Amazing how many folks pass thru. Each day has its allotment and so varied flavors mix and blend for their own special attitude. My schedule changes, so I get to sample the knowledge of the various collections. Some become good friends. The boats come and go too bringing with and taking away myriad tasks and skills with them.
Two of us started the day with a plan to accomplish something, mine was to go for a row and make a pennant for FISH STIX centerboard. John had a boom crutch in mind but somethings else filled his plates to overflowing. URCHIN made it to the dragon, but the upriver rails ended about 15 feet short of the very low tide. She got parked on her trailer while I caught up with 6 other folks who all wanted to know how Max was. Did remember the locker combination, but never got the boat wet.
The line for the pennant is sitting in the boat. I salvaged some SILENT MAID cabin sole from the trash. It had been removed in sections and so was too short to replace. It was recut into three small ships as toys. Made Josiah smile big time when he arrived later at the shop "BOAT" is one of his many words. Then came more in-line sanding with those lovely longboards. Got TORCHs planking down to 80 grit I think. Last before leaving the shop with granson in tow, I recontoured a large divot in an earlier fiberglass repair on MARION. A paper artist from Fleischer want to use her as a mold so I wanted to make sure no subsequent art viewers would get the wrong impression of the sweet lines of a tuckup.

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Joannie said...

Josiah loves his bOat from MiGi. He sails it every night in the bath tub.