Sunday, April 18, 2010


URCHIN takes her leave from being earthbound to buoyant via a hoist and railway. The head engineer at the dragon is a (newly) semiretired metal worker named Richie. He is a repository of marvelous skill and know-how. Being in his presence, one absorbs lore and legend both, along with practical geometry and the like.
I should say URCHIN usually takes to the water via the rails. This week they are out of service for welding and readjusting of the angle. Sounds like the ride in will be more dramatic. Its a good thing we look forward to exercise, since the old electric hoist burned out last year and the upriver davit has been fitted with a chain hoist. If four hoists lifted two tons of A-cat, this one will have no problem with the little girl at about 200lbs.
Hoping the rails will be back in service later this week. Right now there is about a 4' drop at low tide although at high you probably wouldn't notice.

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