Monday, April 26, 2010


Paul sorted out all our staves and made labled bundles so next week we can make progress on finishing the rigs for STIX, and the tuck-ups. We glued up some scarfs on three staves.

STIX got chocks, centerboard pin and uphauling the board thingy, How's that for sailor talk. I am so tired it is amazing I can type. It's a good thing I did not have to drive. Ned spent the evening designing his gaff jaws. Pete got his mast sanded and sealed. Nice work on the steady-rest. Ed and Paul helped do things fro FISH STIX punch list, like making rivets, drilling holes, seating oarlocks. MARION had her troweling compound sanded.
For Doryman.
The steadyrest is in the photo above. It has to be reset for each job and takes a little time to get right. The masts have been about 20' long and only 4" in diameter. They are not radially aligned on the centerline because we want them to have a straight side for better sail shape. The steady rest keeps that 20' flexible hollow pole from whipping around on the lathe. It is a piece of PVC pipe with the mast centered and wedged in place in the middle. The PVC rides on two wheels adjusted for height on the benchtop and then bolted together with two more on top. That way when you apply pressure with the sandpaper, the whole thing feels more secure and the job goes faster. We sand starting with 60, 80, 100, then stop turning and sand with the grain 80, and put on two coats of sealer. Varnish after that sanding between coats. from the semi-dory girl.

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