Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sanding Time

Spent an enjoyable morning rigging ISOBEL, a sharpie, and BOXKITE, the garvey. Just masts in the garvey, no sprits, but I did make a pigstick to fly the museum burgee. The sharpie got her whole rig, bent on the sail, and even went for a row after lunch. Got my row in! First of the season. JSBach did a yeoman huge amount of work. He scrubbed the waterlines of both boats, bailed out the rainwater, and carried spars to the dock. We are both bushed I am sure as our fearless leader requisitioned all the remaining time for sanding, two hours of 36 grit longboard sanding, fairing TORCH.
MARION is being loaned out as a mold for a paper pulp casting. Fancy that, a paper tuck-up. SILENT MAID has been recreated as a half-model by Nick


KnitMOReANd said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday!

uurchin said...

Thanks Sis! Loved your card.