Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guffaws and Chuckles

Robb White. A character and a wonder. I met him down in Cortez, Florida at a messabout run by Roger Allen and friends. Roger was still married then. Well, anyway Robb was the guest speaker at the picnic and yarned on into the night. A great storyteller, and as the threads diverged, and wound around their own path, all the roads converged again at the end. Denouement par excellance. Of course the stories all centered on small boats, the things that make my life a joy. Sadly, Robb crossed the bar that same year. I had collected his stories from Messing About in Boats and read and reread them. They became the impetus for my grad thesis work and recalling any one of them makes me smile. A book came my way this week via a friend and it is many more of Robb's stories. It is called Flotsam and Jetsam. Only two stories in and I've had to read parts aloud to those around me. Wishing I had time to set and read the whole thing, but eeked out it will be a likely companion for a while. When I can get it back from Pete that is.
RESCUE MINOR was at the messabout too.

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