Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tropical Rainforest

Monday Night sanding FISH STIX mast was accomplished by Paul & Ed, I sealed it along with the gaffs. Pete's got sixteened by Ned. Work was done on the pennant, but mostly I removed rust from the tablesaw caused by the tropical environment ( aka rainforest) created by the fogger. The fogger was on to set the seam compound in TORCHs new caulked planks. MARION swathed in paper for the sake of art. Her paper double will be in a parade on Saturday.
SILENT MAIDs stereo is in. Wonderful sound. I am concerned we are loosing space for bedding, but we will have an anchor or two and chain, not on the cabin sole this year.


tsshep said...

You need some of Ole Shep's marine grade rust preventer.Secret recipe of Beeswax and propiertary oils.

uurchin said...

Put me on the list and send some right over!