Friday, April 23, 2010


Got my first row in URCHIN tonight! Yay! Enjoyed a lovely sunset on the river; the fish hawks have a nest on the new range marker downriver. My girl rows as sweet as ever. The railway gave me a bit of trouble. I'll have to find some grease for the wheels and I did find the old cable for hauling up the car. There was a newer line on the engine and it was too light. It kept doubling over itself instead of sliding.
Earlier in the day spent time with good friends. We shared George's homemade wine with cheese and crackers out on his deck. Great conversation and general camaraderie. Makes many things easier to bear. Came back to Don's new sculptures and studio. Then on to paying rent on my shop. Haven't seen the inside of it for about ten days now as the new quarter schedule has kept me hopping.


michael b said...

Curious minds wonder what happened to the core sound?

uurchin said...

The Core Sound will be back on the ticket as soon as SILENT MAID is out of the Philly Shop. I am working double shifts teaching this quarter 14 hour days, and am just too tired to work on the boat. I can stop in the Philly workshop easily between or after classes, so I have been volunteering there to help out with the spring rush.