Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Recycled Sailboat

Every issue the back page of WOODENBOAT magazine lists boats for free. I wrote to the gal who offered this one in hopes of scoring it for my thesis project, but too late. She had already given it away. She sent me pictures anyway. It is a beautiful boat even though it needs work. I am glad they kept it so well.

The company started 1894 with cabinet-makers, little later was produced also ships.
1935 began it to be produced pulkor what today is a small part of the employment.
We undertake all kinds' cabinet-maker works from piece of furniture cabinet-maker to husresningar.

I am wondering if my Dad had one of their early boats, and it somehow wound up in Long Island, New York?? I tried to email them in English but did not receive a reply (but I also don't know Swedish). Unfortunately I have very little additional information about it, but I am attaching pictures of it for you with a few other small facts I can offer:
  • Small Bronze tag in the inside of the boat says 'SEGEBADEN , Tel. SATER 15 , Patent , No. 25' (see picture)
  • 15-16 foot length, all teak or mahogany wood of great quality
  • strip planked, some very nice detailing
  • steel center board (?)
  • no obvious rot
  • marconi rig
  • still has it's cotton sails (not in great condition), the mast in decent shape
  • bronze screws in to floors (?)
  • There are no frames, it was made without them
  • was kept in his garage for at least the last 40-45 years, was used in Oyster Bay, on the north shore of Long Island, New York sometime before then. Dad used it in the 1950's.
A friend of ours thought it was made no later than the1920's or 1930's judging from the way it was made, but I have no way of confirming this. Someone else speculated it may have been a racing boat, one of several made of one type for a particular event. The boat looks better in person than in the pictures.

So, this is really all the information I have about it. We live in Cutchogue NY, on the North Fork of Long Island, about 20 minutes west of the New London, CT / Orient Point, NY ferry.

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