Monday, April 28, 2008

Inside Work


Professor Fleming said...

Hi Wendy,

I got your email today. clearly you are a renasiance (sp) women! I think this block has been great. i am wondering how to best wrap this up. ideally, you would publish a book on green boats. or you could write a paper on the relationship bewteen green boats and green buildings/green desig/sustainability. In reality, it would be great fro you to finish your paper that was almost completed last semester. i will bring a marked up copy today and we can see what needs to be done.

what do you think?


Professor Fleming said...

Wendy, now that you are at the end of your semester, i ask you to reflect on your assignment. What did you learn? how has your changed as a result of the process? How would you ahve done it differently? if teh answer is no to all of these, then expalin that. teh prupose here is not to end the project, but rather to offer yourself a window to walk thorugh for teh enxt phase of this project.

signed, your humble professor