Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Boat Trailer Idea

Bamboo bicycle Trailer _ Tiffany sent me a link for a bamboo bike which started this search. I was already thinking about how to incorporate bamboo into the boat besides the obvious thin spars and battens. I also have to work around the species that is endemic to my area (backyard) which may or may not prove useful. I have an aluminum trailer for my bike that carries my 16' canoes. It is called a Harrigan carriage. and disassembles so you can throw it in the canoe and take it with you. This idea might be extended to carry my project boat- at least to move it around the shop during construction.

Need A bicycle trailer will allow bikes to tow up to 250kg. Yet people who need a bicycle trailer the most have the least capacity to build or buy one.

Our solution Our Bamboo bicycle trailer plans allow anyone to build a trailer out of practically anything with hardly any tools for free. The bicycle trailer helps bikes to do a more useful job; from acting as ambulances to carrying food to market. This is Carry Freedom for everyone.

Construction These free plans allow a builder to make a simple bicycle trailer from recycled materials, with pinned joints, and no bending or welding. Whether its made from titanium or bamboo, this is a stiff light bicycle trailer. It can be varied it in width length and strength, and even made to fold.

Motive This non-profit project extends Carry Freedom to everyone. We distribute plans to the 3rd world through charities such as World Bicycle Relief. You can help by building trailer
s, suggesting improvements, and spreading the idea to those who need it the most.

The plans are free to anyone that wants them, but.
If we email you plans, will you:

1. Tell us what you are using the bicycle trailer for
2. Send us photos of the bicycle trailer you build
3. Tell us how to improve the instructions or the trailer
4. Accept that we might post your email on our blog

Email bamboo@carryfreedom.com

This project exists thanks to the quiet dedication of many people investing a small part of their own time money or skill. If you feel you can help in any way, then we will gratefully accept. For example you could:

  • Teach others to build the trailer
  • Create better ways of making the bicycle trailer
  • Email us pictures of your trailer
  • Link to this web page
  • Use the bicycle trailer you build
  • Use your skill or talent to bump the project along
  • Bore people at parties about bamboo;)

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