Wednesday, April 30, 2008

End of Semester

End of semester, but not end of blog.
I have learned I don't know many more things than I already knew I didn't know. That is a good thing since I am too old to die young now. It keeps me humble and pretty plain spoken.
I have a dream to live simply and well. Being content in the now is a part of that. Now my favorite "Red Design" professor might protest that contentedness leads to complacency; I protest that idea. The kind of content I am talking about leads to lower stress and more productivity by channeling the energy into action rather than anger.
What does that have to do with boats? I am not sure except that boats are a huge part of my life both in the physical as well as the thought sphere. Beautiful buildings, furniture, products and beautiful boats are hard to define, but I am still planning on trying to quantify some of the paradigms and would like to continue those discussions with interested people.

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Professor Fleming said...

Wendy, it was a pleasure working with you this semester. I agree with your definition of contenteness and find myself on a similar path. Now, its important to know that red design, despite its color, actually has nothing to do with anger, but rather a process that askes us to stop for a minute, think about what we are doing and make a hard left or right turn. we can no longer afford the smooth, corporate green entry ramp onto the superhighway of planetary collapse. I don't want to be chicken little, but sounding the alarm, if even wrong will result in some pretty meaningful change. for example, we still have a "retail economy" dependent on the endless consuption of irrevealant goods and servies (2 billion on ring tones last year). We need a neweconomy, focused on provoding for needs rather than satisfying wants.

I have the choice to persue a contented life style. I want my kids to have that same choice.

So, its been an absolute pleasure working with you this year. I stand in constant amazement of your abilities, knowledge base and skill set....

signed, your humble professor fleming