Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunny Buzy Day

Got lots done today. Varnish on URCHIN, but the Boat Life wasn't dry enough to paint. Tiller and tiller extension ready for shaping and sanding, Mold for gaff laminations fabricated, ready for oak/ash staves to be cut and glued up. I used SILENT MAIDs gaff jaws as a visual reference to figure out construction.

Painted FISH STIX centerboard case. Rudder mortised and assembled, coated with epoxy fairing compound, ready for light sanding/shaping, hardware manufacture. Centerboard sanded, scraped and coated one side with fairing filler. Just Gina and I, we talked to lots of visitors, she worked on stuff for SILENT MAID in between. Gina toured an architecture student and I invited two gals in who were delighted with the opportunity to volunteer. I gave them a copy of Ash Breeze. We may end up with some more women in the shop.

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