Monday, March 15, 2010

Marion Monday

Spent the afternoon teaching sculpture and the evening at the boatshop. Rick showed me his painted bow ties. Newt was stretching the engine cover. John & Paul were setting up the spar lathe. Bill came in with gift white oak for the gaff jaws and beautiful stuff it was too. He & Paul did yeoman's work on continuing the lathe set up by mounting the blocks at the ends and getting the steady rest assembled. All that remains is to drill one hole larger and adjust tracking. Then the switch needs to be strung.

Tom came by with Marion on her trailer. We wheeler her inside and then couldn't live with the placement. Moved all the spar staves back under SILENT MAID and relocated Marion where they were. She is kind of out of the way and can dry out a bit. Pete & I ended up taking the trailer home. Amazingly the light socket and ball fit our equipment.

LOOK! It is another tuckup. We have a beetlecat sail to compare with the pleasure rig and so might build the rig to match. I am looking forward to doing a bit of rigging and canvas work for MAID and FISH STIX. Got out my palm.

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