Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Glued up FISH STIX mast today with Joe's help. The 45º blocks help to align the spar along a centerline. Joe eight-sided one end's blocking, while I did the other, then we both spread glue, stacked staves and put on the band clamps. The mast is then clamped to the board n bench so one side will be flat.

Finished up the anchor chocks for SILENT MAID. She is still getting plumbing and electrical work.

Soaked and pre-bent the oak staves for gaff jaws.Took ribbing all day about the oak logs appearing in the shop. Anyone remember the log lady from twin towers? Well anyway, we are going to whittle them down to bend mast hoops out of, maybe.
Picked out colors for MARION B. Joe sanded and primed the floor boards. Ordered paint from Kirby's for the deck and centerboardcase, (Cream gloss #9) coaming, rails, floorboards, centerboard top, seats, (light gray #25) Her interior and topsides are Interlux Brightside Hatteras off-white, floors oiled. Her Sheerstrake will be rustic red or Brown, both Brightside. Adjusted colors from yesterday's post.
Looking forward to visiting Pleasant Bay Boat and Spar Co. up at the Cape.

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