Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Madness

Well, not really madness, but a lot of work in one evening.
Nine of us TSCA members. Ron & Mike W., Mike B. and Bill H., Ned and Ed, Pete and Paul, and me. We painted and oiled the inside of MARION (Hatteras Off-White for her topsides and interior, Jamestown gray for rails and floorboards, Beige for her decks, and Brown or Bering Red for her Sheer plank with Vermilion red beading, Blue below her waterline), glued up Mike's mast, tapered Pete's, made a splicing jig, and end blocks for FISH STIX mast, cut scarfs for three short staves, sanded FISH STIX centerboard and rudder, painted the rudder with bottom paint, cut staves to laminate for the gaff jaws. In case you are wondering, mine is the short arm with green and black sleeve. I have a pink hat.
Mike B. brought a big chunk of oak right from the tree to use for mast hoop bending. Bill H. Brought a fence and miter gauge for a 12" table saw he had donated, which was still in ISM's garage. It hasn't been moved to the shop yet..

Earlier, TORCH got some veneer patches for her low spots, SILENT MAID had her reefer cover assembled, lots of sanding by Caroline and her anchor chock patterns finished.

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