Friday, March 5, 2010

Ceiling Tiles

Spent the day hanging ceiling in the new lab space. Had intended to go to the Workshop but never made it. Ended up supervising the helpers instead and we got the job done. It looks good. Not nearly as much fun as boat stuff. When the guys left, did get to work on URCHIN a bit. It's supposed to be warm tomorrow. Got her beach shoe back on.
Interesting point, remember all the green staining? I thought it was rot from water traveling up the bronze corrosion, but no. It was all in the epoxy and sanded off leaving a clean oak shoe. This was reinstalled with Boat Life rather than resin to allow the wood to swell and shrink as it would anyway. That is what caused the original delamination. Tomorrow I'll put a little paint on her and then to the Workshop, to keep Gina company and talk to visitors and set up for Monday night.

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