Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Sailing

I can't wait.

It is a sunny breezy day in March and If the water were warm I'd go sailing, but it's not.
I am on my roller blades with a windsurfer sail and a couple bamboo poles not quite long enough.
There is also not quite enough breeze to overcome the rolling friction either.

Going home is a matter of reducing sail area by carrying it flat. It was a fun experiment anyway. Stay tuned.

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Professor Fleming said...

So, looks like you had fun. you may have invented a new sport!

So far you've talked a lot about boats, but not too much about green. can you start making some connections between the two? I think there is a lot there, especially in terms of construction techniques, but also in the idea of organic - that is to say that the boat you desing follows some pretty strict performance guidelines in order to be sucessfull. I was wondering how buildings are related? is there a set of design guildelines or inhertited knowledge in terms of making an organic performing building?