Saturday, March 29, 2008

Green Paint Stripper?

I ordered a green product to try out. Usually, I scrape off big chunks, which fall onto dampened paper for clean up, sand to fair edges, which creates dust. Yesterday when I was sanding the centerboard and rudder, I used the plain old shopvac hose in one hand and the sanding block in the other to collect as much dust as possible at the source. Festool has some lovely, but high priced options for collecting sanding dust at the source.
The video for this paint stripping product shows the demonstrator dipping his finger into the product, something you would not do with a VOC or lye based option. The retailer for the product states you should wear nitryl gloves. The paint that is being removed seems to slough off in a few hours. I have lots of old varnish to remove from Urchin to get her ready for Maine in August and St. Mike's in Oct. I'll let you know how this stuff works.

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Rob Fleming said...

And, it seems as though there are a few books out there on sailing - perhaps a book on green boats???? you have a lot of knowledge - it could be a short the most beautiful house in teh world...u could take the readeer through teh construction of one of your boats and talk about sustainability along the way. what dpi have you been scanning - images could be used for book.....

btw...its hard to keep up with your posts