Friday, March 28, 2008


John's shop name for the garvey is "Box Kite." Very fitting I think, since she flies sails at either end of the boat which looks rather like a rounded refrigerator box. Today, I scraped, sanded, primed, & painted various parts. Started by planing smooth the "dutchman" epoxied in yesterday. Scraped the centerboard and rudder, sanded both of them and the tiller before lunch. Sanded the primed parts we did yesterday to break the shine and tackragged them.
After lunch we painted the bottom with an aluminum based underwater primer. I'll have to look up the product specs on this one. sometimes we use what is left over on boats that are meant for use. That way we are not consigning product to a landfill or hazardous waste facility. The boat is good for the year, and more volunteers get to have the pleasure of working on "dream" boats. After scraping and priming the centerboard well, I painted the cockpit trim.
Spyder was getting her deckbeams and knees.

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