Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Small Reach Regatta!

I made it into the WoodenBoat Small Reach Regatta and will be taking Urchin to Maine in August for a week of camping and sailing. There will be 57 other small craft including my Jersey TSCA friend Mike and his boat, Peptia, a melonseed built by Carl Weissinger about two years ago, maybe three. The picture above is from the WoodenBoat website from last year 2007 Small Reach Regatta.

Urchin is a Lowell Boatshop Salisbury Point River Skiff built 20 years ago. She is pine on oak frames, copper fastened, spruce mast & yard, with a standing lug sail. She rows quite well, I average about two & half knots in an hour rowing single. She can also be rigged for doubles. Lizzie & I came in third in the 3-legged race in St. Mike's last year. Not bad for a short heavy boat.

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