Thursday, March 20, 2008

Centerboard Pennant

I spent part of Wednesday making a pennant for the centerboard. This is a short line used to set or pull up the centerboard. The bitter end has a monkey fist tied around a spherical core. This is a stopper which will keep the centerboard from going too far down. The soft line won't mar the paint. It is the right length to keep the board from extending past the opening of the case. About half way up it's length it has an inline eyesplice made of two short splices so the board can be pulled partway up during a reach. The other end will be spliced and seized around a thimble attached to the strap on the board. Each end of the eyesplice should be seized as well as the base of the monkey fist. There is a hole in the board for a bronze pin which holds the board all the way up for running or in port.

Some of this stuff I learned in scouts, some from watching, some from looking at pictures, and a lot from from making mistakes, figuring things out and being corrected. Part is just living experiences, I am too old to die young now. That is why things like the 'messabouts', the TSCA, and the WB Small Reach Regatta are so important. They are places to connect, swap stories, fail in safety with support from like minded people, and try new ideas, a community.

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Professor Fleming said...

so here is a simple question with a complex did you learn all of this stuff? via books, spoken word, trial and error? probably a combination..

what is the best way to learn sustainable design...???? book...actual hands on work? spoken word, simulation - i.e. design exersize?

sustainable design really requires a conection to the material that is being learned - like building a boat is a very tangible thing...we can build small buildings and try them out, but what about large buildings with multiple team members each contributing a piece - how do you get quality and green?

i wish we all could personally tie the know of sustainability....