Friday, November 20, 2009


Spent a large chunk of time today taking more bronze screws and carriage bolts out of TORCH. These were extremely well put in, epoxy bunged in heavy oak floor boards. For those of you not familiar with A-cats, the cabin height is low even by my short statured thinking. TORCH's more traditional build (She is a John Brady built boat) is being redesigned for more stiffness. The oak floorboards, laminated knees, and studs? (I don't know what these short upright stuctural members are called, They connect the carlin to a stringer.) are coming out to be weighed and replaced with new structure. TORCH was the 2nd place boat in BBYRA racing for 2009. Picked out colors for the Tuckup with John.
Then I went to my shop and worked on URCHIN for a few more pleasurable hours. Still scraping. Got most of the inner transom and port rail completed. Put a coat of varnish on the starboard plank and another coat of oil on the rail.

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