Thursday, November 12, 2009

Philadelphia Again

Tuesday on the trailer, Thursday off the trailer. Many hands make the heavy work fun, still heavy. It is a good thing that the boatshop practices good karma and people want to come help. SILENT MAID arrives on her trailer, She is lifted with the two gantry cranes and lowered and blocked onto the three BIG dollies. She is winched and prodded into the shop by willing hands, electric winch and snatch block and a good old fashioned block and tackle. Boat yoga is practiced by all hands. Today is a lesson on how to move heavy stuff carefully. After she is in the shop, poppets hold her steady and all her ports, lockers and deck holes are opened for drying out. There is a huge amount of boat stuff. I make piles of like items: like lines, galley gear, bunting, safety stuff, PFDs and throwables, pillows, bunk cushions, and Mr. K's stuff. The boat costumes are segregated and placed in a hanging locker to keep the silk nice. The shop seems pretty full when we roll the other boats back in, but next week TORCH will be here too.

There is a book about Silent Maid that was published in 1903. I wonder if it was about a mermaid.

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