Saturday, November 14, 2009

Scraping Still

URCHIN is getting a more thorough cleaning and spruce up than I had originally intended. I was only going to renew a little varnish and put her in the yard, but that one little spot grew to inclde all her brightwork and her insides too.
She is going back to the original oil finish on the inside and on the oak. More befitting the work boat that she is, not the yacht (pronounced yach-chet, ala Preston Sturgis' Palm Beach Story.) wanna be. I think I might even make her a pudding for her bow and aft quarters. Now the only varnish she will have is on her bright sheerstrakes.
Peter helped me pull her centerboard. Most of the barnacles have fallen off since I have had her in fresh water most of the time for the last two years. I scraped off the rest, but her board is really pitted by electrolysis from the ten or so years she spent out on Nauset marsh. The bottom corner she lost on the Tappan Zee bridge when the board slipped out of it's case and dragged. Aluminum filled epoxy and then EpoxyCop hard antifouling, non-ablative since she is a trailer sailor now.

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