Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oyster Bay Photos

Started out in hazy dead calm and put the sail up to tease the breeze. He showed up and after morning snacks filled the sail enough to move us across the sound. Tony from ROCKING the BOAT came along for the ride and got a boatbuilding lesson in the cabin along the way. SILENT MAID has been a true home, classroom, shelter in the storms and wonderful boat. Made it over to Oyster bay on an easy reach in about six hours. Polished off the day with a great meal by cabin candle light (flashlight pointed at the cabintop works well) and ended it by evening blogging in the cockpit. Computers with batteries are wonderful. The next day was somewhat less than stellar weather, rained the whole time and I was not well. Not seasick this time but very queasy. I do like sailing in the rain, and making hot food for the crew. Eldridge's gave the best time for passing through Hell's gate, so we were on a timetable to make the optimum passage. I got to take us through again. Seems like there are a dozen bridges to navigate down the East River. I actually plotted the trip on my car GPS. You can see the sky quit dripping by the time we made port in Jersey City after sailing through the NYC ferry gauntlet.

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