Friday, October 1, 2010

Oyster Bay 2

morning glass sea in Greenwich.

MAID SERVICE makes a bigger wake than we do.

A minute away from the boys.

Racing in Oyster Bay, light crew, one reef in to start and we win anyway.

Dinner in the cockpit on a nice cool dry evening

Surprise fireworks! No one we talked to knew what they were for.

Skipper updates the boats blog.

Morning. There are three guys sleeping in there and one squirrel with the camera.

Sunrise over the mooring field.

Chores include cleaning the boat, JS is always on the lookout for great ape hair. Not mine anyway.

It rained all Sunday night, Monday morning, Monday afternoon and Monday night. After about an hour, the rain works its way inside via the wrists and necks, and seams of the spray bibs and tops. You are wet through.

You would not believe what you have to get out of just to use the head.

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