Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day in the Life of the Boat

Being a shipmate requires selflessness, humor, passion (for some things and not others), camaraderie, love of nature and her wiles, and trust. Of all of these, trust is the most important. Trust the skipper to do right by the ship and her owner, keeping the good of the crew forefront. The crew trusts the ship and her skipper and each other.
The ship is well designed, carefully built and maintained. Her layout of cockpit and cabin maximize comfort and safety since she carries a micro-home and transportation system on a dangerous and ever-changing plane. One thing about ship board life is motion; always moving, yaw, roll, and pitch, sometimes with greater frequency or amplitude than others, but never stopping. Along with movement, comes chafe and stress. Parts wear out or break, corrosion occurs, so inspection must be a priority. The crew must be alert and share information well, along with taking instruction to heart.
With that out of the way, the pictures will show a kind of list of what happens in a day of passage from one place to another. It is almost impossible to get everything in but here goes.

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