Thursday, September 2, 2010

Behind the Eight Ball

I haven't caught up in a while, but thanks to Hurricane Earle, I have three extra days this week that I won't spend traveling. I can catch up a bit. I did put up up some posts on Facebook of the adult and kid sails on Pleasant Bay.
Pleasant Bay
Small Sailors
The short story is that Saturday was a light sir day. We had to anchor during the race to keep from being swept down by the tide since the breeze died. We raced around the island leaving and returning to Bristol. Kathleen beat us by a few minutes. Emily Ferguson was with us and shot some nice pictures.
Sunday was much better, wind wize. The breeze was up, We had showers in the morning! Even had a few minutes to peruse the collection in the Herreshoff museum before taking the launch back out to the boat. There was a course change, sending the boats down to Newport for the finish.
The gun went off and we left the line virtually alone on a starboard tack and carried it into the mooring field as far as we dared before bearing off beating up to the mark. KATHLEEN got caught in the pack at the mark while we escaped cleanly. She ran up and caught us anyway. We sailed together with in hailing distance until the island. She cut up to windward while we took the current to leeward, hoping it would add to a possible loss of wind. The current gave us the edge here and along with the more leeward position we were able to catch the first puff of seabreeze and run in easily (past the cruise ship moored directly in the lay line to the finish.) An interesting finish required the boats to hail the race committee when they thought they were on the line.

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