Friday, July 2, 2010

Going to the Cut

Will try to catch all the lifts to make Minister's Point.
Actually sailed down to Wequassett Inn, (can't wait to see BARNEGAT and SILENT MAID there,) as the wind was North west this morning (pinching like crazy). Gusting to 18. Blue, blue sky. Came about to run up along Nickerson neck, and then up the channel toward Chatham. Caught the lifts over to the North Orleans beach. There were about 200 seals in the channels going across. Anchored for a read and wait for the tide shift. the breeze shifted around to the Northeast and dropped. Was a ghoster going home, had to row a bit before it picked up again. I had a chance to try out my new tiller extension that I tied on. It was a piece of Dad's flooring, Supele(sp) that I carved to match URCHINs tiller shape. worked well in the light stuff.

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