Saturday, July 3, 2010

Almost Too Much Wind

Went to see my Auntie after sailing. Good, because it means we survived, URCHIN and I. the breeze was up today 16-22 easy. You can't see it in this pic as we are in the lee of Strong Island for a respite. Nice catboat for company too. But both coming and going was tough, there are never pictures of the exciting (or scary stuff) since we are always too busy dealing with whatever. Big rollers coming up the bay, as there is a really long fetch when the wind is in the SouthWest so the waves have a chance to build up at our end of the bay. Had to walk URCHIN out of the pond as it was really low tide and the breeze heading us. Had a "ride the gunwale" trip to Strong Island where the greenheads had a feast. Watched a couple of fiberglass boats ground out on the sand. The new lowfields have migrated so the are in line between Strong head and the bulkheads. I had to skirt these with URCHIN who only draws 6 inches. At least the gnats were blown away. Had a rocking horse ride over the bar on the way back. The tide was ripping. The waves were bigger on the way home. Once we turned the headland to run the home channel URCHIN had some lovely long surfs on pretty big rollers as the period matched her hull speed. Way fun! I think she even planed a bit!!
Anchoring URCHIN has become the daily dunk since we get home at high to mid tide. I drop the heavy hook by the dock then drift downwind to the marsh, when the rode is full out, I throw the oars toward land and jump out with the 10 lb. picnic anchor. I swim toward shore and drop the anchor when I've run out all the scope. Then I gather up the oars and head for shore. Today was the first time I had an audience on the beach. I am sure they were wondering what the crazy girl was doing, jumping in with an anchor.
Did get a coat of primer on the sink.

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michael b said...

Wendy, You are my hero.