Sunday, July 11, 2010

Newport RI

July 9, 2010
The team of owner Peter, Captain MaryBeth, ED, JohnS'Bach, Peter & myself flew up to Newport to join the full timers John B and Henry. Liz arrived in time for dinner at Harbour Court, one of the NY Yacht clubs.We enjoyed a lovely tour of the grounds, beautiful gardens, water features, the most beautiful waterlilies I have ever seen and wonderful architecture. The house is situated high on a bluff overlooking the harbor which is filled with gorgeous boats. Dinner was splendid, a tasty appetizer, salad, and main followed by chocolate death, yum. Our host was just delightful, making everyone comfortable and carrying conversation all around. He has a terrific personality, and lots of stories. Next came a night run over to BARNEGAT . She is a large wooden motor-sailor (three staterooms, one with a fireplace, nice lounge and galley, and hot water showers) built in Stonington CT. My usual job is to make sure there is food to go all round. This took two days to shop and prep since we had many more than usual aboard for the race.

July 10, 2010
Up at 5:30. Coffee and oatmeal all round. clean up and pack for the day's outing. Weather prediction is iffy, so we are all outfitted with the ships foulies, blue overalls, red anoraks, and of course SILENT MAIDs signature yellow life vests. WHITE WHALE an 11 meter Rib, tows us over to Wickford. I got to steer a long way across, which I enjoyed very much. We have to be towed since SILENT MAID went back in the water with her aperture cover plates on. These are the same objects I called speed plates earlier. It means we can not use the engine and are more dependent on seamanship that ever.
As we drive in to Wickford, we get a glance at the monster cat boat KATHLEEN. She is beautiful. I will post some photo's of her separately. This match race seems a very iffy thing. The SILENT MAID is 33' to KATHLEEN's 28, But MAID is about four tons heavier I think. We miss thwe captains meeting (not unusual) and join the parade of sail through Wickford Harbor. Kathleen sails in the parade. She tacks up a narrow anchorage behind us, and demonstrates wonderful control on the helm and no loss of power through the tack. Nice work on the crews part. We have a guy aboard from the boatshop who is supplying local knowledge, always a useful thing.
Next it was outside the breakwater to set sail and find the committee boat so we could ask about the starts and the course. There were three starts, the 18's, the 22's and then the two of us, the big boats. We went off last, Around the lighthouse, around the yellow marks, then back to the club for the finish. KATHLEEN made a beautiful start, we were a bit late over the line. She exhibited nice clean sailing and at first we covered her tack for tack until she took off toward shore for the inside track.

See John's blog for more on the race.

There were some fun post race hyjinks with battle flags. Another post perhaps.

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