Saturday, June 12, 2010

Racing at the Dragon

Got a call this afternoon to please set aside my writing for a while and come racing since the field was short sailboats. Our Vice Commodore had scheduled a paddle sail relay race but was short a sailboat to make up a team. Lugger URCHIN barely qualifies as a sailboat with her 10' waterline and no ability for upwind sailing. I usually use the ash breeze. Well, spruce in our case.
She and I were given the OK for the oars and made our way down river against both tide and breeze ( nice by the way ~10-15), never would have made it to the mark otherwise. Passed the fish hawk's nest on the range marker, they've hatched a couple by the peeping going on. Rowed down past red 34 to await my champion. Teams had been assigned by blind draw. Stepped the mast, hoisted sail, hung the rudder, rigged the sheet and had a couple nice tacks reaching across the channel. Joe appeared and made a perfect baton hand-off and I was away upriver, running to catch the leader, STURDY BEGGAR III. No real hope, but the sail was great, thinking about Beggar's former owner, a great friend and patriot, water splashing aside, exercising that core balance stuff. Not pinching, thank you, John. Had almost a photo finish at the end, but the old FLYING FOY, renamed and reconditioned by the Frenches came screaming past for the second. A well spent afternoon on the water. Looks like SILENT MAID has had a couple of profitable racing days too. there is always something new to learn.

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