Monday, June 21, 2010

Longest Day of the Year

Petey and I went cruising downriver against the tide. Began in the gloaming with all the colors of the sunset fading in the sky and on the water. I rowed down to Beverly Point against the tide while Pete chased down some swimming geese. I usually use my lantern on the centerboard case so it shines on my white t-shirt. This night I opted to turn it out because it attracted a cloud of gnats even a half a mile out on the water. At night there is little tourist traffic and the river is more serene. The lights on shore sparkle like colored sequins. The pull back upriver was pleasant. It is much nicer to go with my favorite buddy. It is much easier to deal with the railway with some one else running the engine. Much drier too.
Here is a route I would like to row this year.

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