Friday, June 25, 2010

Leaving Newport

Here is SILENT MAID in the slings after a new paint job and varnish touch ups. White socks for the crew to keep her nice. Left Melville, RI bound for the Block Island sound. Found some big swells out there and my nemesis returned. Well, it is not the third day (so much for that theory), the wrist bands did not work, and I have tried Dramamine and Bonnine. Tried JohnS'Bach's ginger drink too. So far the only really tolerable solution is discretely heave and then steer. Steering makes you focus on the telltales or the compass and the sail. Keeps your mind and eyes occupied, so you don't think about how yucky you feel. Really helps to stay out of the cabin too. We have a bit of lightning and I tell Max he's safe with me since all of us that have been hit once are more likely to be hit again, The sail is already down and I steer with one hand. Lots of cold rain. We miss the really strong winds thankfully. The malady seems to pass in a few hours and I feel fine by late afternoon, but maybe we have always reached more protected water by then. Up Mystic River, passing the railway swing bridge, then through the lift bridge. The MORGAN is on the hard being preserved. She looks absolutely huge out of the water. Colorful sunset. Red sky at night sailor's delight.

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