Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sink Progress

Finished laminating all the flat components of the sink for SILENT MAID. Working on detailing, fillets, and finish sanding on the bowl. The backboard will be cut and constructed from the flat panels. Hope to be done this week.

The Core Sound has become a workbench again. Her wide flat bottom is great for laying out carbon fiber panels and pulling threads so I can cut straight.

This solitary work is a refinement on the emotional life. Leaves a lot of time for reflection. Speaking of... Had a lovely row up to red 40 by the Burlington power station and back down to the red buoy off Neshaminy Creek and back to the dragon. 'Course the sun went down leaving the quiet water the most marvelous colors. Pete (in his golden eye 17' kayak) wears a head lamp fore & aft, I have a battery anchor light that stands on URCHINs centerboard case down inside the boat and lights my white shirt from the back. We stay well over to the shallow side away from the channel.

Here is URCHIN on her bridle being hoisted back on to her trailer after coming up the railway.

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