Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sink Bee Bridge

Visited Centerton Bridge again today to check on progress. A dad and two sons were taking their opportunity to fish for bass off the span. Usually it is too busy with traffic. We walked across, the geese had failed and given up nesting. Too much goings on likely. Low tide this time provided a look at creek bottom topography. Bits which had been removed showed a lot of metal corrosion. Interesting that there are two layers of the Armco guardrail. I would think that it would deform less and transmit more of an impact to the bridge structure. Love bridges. Inventoried the greenery on the upper banks & roadside. Amazing how many invasive species there are. Poison Ivy, Catbrier, Virginia creeper, English Ivy, running bamboo, crown vetch, etc. Opening this bridge requires 8 hours prior arrangement.

Created a panel for the sink toady at the shop and paid rent-mowed the front. The grass is growing like gangbusters now. Got two bee stings today. One is swelling my eye. Read some more very funny pieces in Flotsam and Jetsom. Laughing is so good for the soul. Specially when it involves boats. Next on the reading list Bailey White.

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