Sunday, May 9, 2010

Breakers on the Beach

It is so windy today there were breakers on the beach at the dragon. dead low. That is unusual for the Delaware River. Only tugs (my favorite) make waves like this. The Burlington buoy data shows gusts over 40 kts. yesterday afternoon and up to 30 today. URCHINs cover was still on; Max & I drained his Comet which had collected some water.
Stopped at Centerton Bridge today to check progress. No asphalt yet, decking still being repaired. Tide coming in; 'most high. There were combers coming up the creek with white tails behind. Makes you think about the power of water. Standing on the grating watching the roiling beneath my feet gives me the willie-wallies when I watch.
The poison ivy by the road is huge this week taller than I am, and luscious green. I long to be sailing, away from the ichy stuff.


tsshep said...

The poison ivy on my property is in full bloom right now.Maybe my bees will make some ivy honey!

Joannie said...

makes me itchy just looking at it!