Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TSCA January Meeting

Venician boats were presented by Ron Gibbs with excellent slides from his excursions to that watery realm. Wonderful colors, pageantry and sculptural forms were the background of his talk on the styles and kinds of boats participating in the September rowing race.
Pictures by Ron Gibbs. Ron, feel free to correct or expand this post. The Venice-RS Parade. The one with the horses is bissona-cavalli, Last, another cavalli and a cross-rowed sandolo da sciopo.
Comment from Ron.
The gondolas and the ceremonial boats all have the high stems & sterns. Almost all other Venetian craft have quite low prows however.
The ceremonial, parade boat is called a Bussona. There are 10 of them including the Venezia (or Leone), Cavalli, Geografia, Chinese, etc. These reconstructions were built in 1961 (I think - at least the drawing has this date.)

Here is a photo of QUINTESSENCE, a biggish small craft owned by member, Paul Gray.

February's meeting will be held at the Workshop on the Water. John Brady presenting. Tours of SILENT MAID, B-cat, sharpie, FISH STIX and a-cat, TORCH. Check out SILENT MAIDs Facebook page. Be a fan.

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