Sunday, January 17, 2010

Composite Rudder

The Sharpie Rudder has a core cut from fir plywood. It was shaped to a foil profile , first with a plane, and then with a long board (36 grit). Surface imperfections were filled with epoxy with phenolic microballoons.
Next, each side will get a lamination of carbon fiber & Kevlar, and the leading edge will be banded with glass fiber.

Painted the front room today and made fondant (sugar cake) for the hungry bees. Fondant is just sugar and water, cooked to 238ºF, poured out on stone to cool quick and then scraped and kneaded like taffy. Then chunks are rolled out between wax paper so it can be placed on top of the inner cover. The SJBA Beekeepers association has two other boat building/sailing friends in it. The winter meeting was about making home beeswax and honey cosmetics.

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