Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spring Into Winter

Master cabinet makers on TORCH building cabinets from inside the cabinet.

TOP PRIORITY on exhibit. Ain't she sweet.

WOW, it was a busy day at the WOW! It was a beautiful day too. Many of us
looked longingly at the river, smooth and clear in the bright balmy sunshine, and wished the
sharpie did not still have her winter cover so we could go for a row.
Almost all the usual volunteers showed up today
and were dispersed around the shop on tasks.

SILENT MAID was getting battery holders, FISH STIX was a hive of activity; being
braced with knees, carlins trued up, outer stem glued up. TORCH getting interior
cabinetry measured and spiled. TOP PPRIORITY got her 2nd coat on her name and
logos (top hats) on her rudder as well as great lighting inn the exhibit by the museum staff.
A list od spruce was compiled for the mast making work for FISH STIX, T.P and MARION.

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