Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Mast Workshop

URCHIN has a pink bottom mostly. Under all the bottom paint, I found she is coated with glass. It extends only to the garboard plank. I got half sanded this morning. There is one place near the bow where there is a lot of green staining . It extends from where the beach shoe was screwed and nailed on. Each place where a fastener pierced the glass coat water got in. I imagine that 20 years ago that shoe was epoxied on and sealed, but oak doesn't stick to resin well and swelled/ shrunk, etc. and came loose.

Spent the pm. working on mast math. Hollow spruce masts have 20% wall thickness. The octagon gives you the strake side width. I think these two numbers are a function of diameter. There's an algebra problem for you. Ths would make a great science fair project.

SILENT MAID got fridge work and the GPS mounted in the bulkhead. The back has nice heat transfer fins to warm the head. Add a magazine rack and we'd be in trouble.
TORCHs box beam sections went in.

This evening was the TSCA work night. Paul & Pete milled down spruce for spars and one oak flitch for the starboard coaming for FISH STIX. Mike and Ron worked on fore & aft toerails, bungs and some sanding. Peter(2) helped me sand, Paul(2) fit the port coaming and got it partially screwed on. Carl finished fitting the outer stem and rounded over the gunwale. We didn't get to paint or fit the rubrails. The starboard coaming needs to be cut out and the flitch is under the boat.

It was raining crazy hard today. The sun peeked out for a min and then more hard rain. It had stopped by 10pm.


michael bogoger said...

Wendy, Clint has a mast tutorial:

uurchin said...

thanks Doryman