Thursday, October 28, 2010


Half crew at the shop working on MAID, half at the warehouse dealing with DAISY. Finished reinstalling the companionway trim staves on SILENT MAID, the elder sister. Newt worked out bulkhead issues while Gina sanded. Took lots of detail photos of MAIDs insides while her planking and bunk boards were up.

Found some beautiful little details that I hadn't noticed before. Her port holes are not all the same size. They are smaller forward and larger in the galley and head as her cabin top rises toward the cockpit. Most of her interior lighting is cheesy 50's stamped metal, but over the galley was a little rectangular metal lamp with frosted glass lights.

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Baydog said...

Uurchin: Try to include photos. I love following, but would have loved to see the lamp with frosted glass lights.

Do I know you by chance?