Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Last night, I sanded 2mL samples with 100 grit paper 30x to abrade past saw marks.

Squeegeed epoxy fairing compound (microballoons & epoxy mix) over rudder to fill surface imperfections and fair in edge of Kevlar edgeband.

Today I flipped the rudder and completed fairing other side.
Laid up cheeks for rudder with 50/50 glass carbon cloth. This was a pretty heavy and stiff cloth. I am hoping it will be stiff enough to not need the extra mass and turbulence of the lower doublers. I re-designed the cheeks to accept a slide in tiller instead of the permanently connected one specified in the plan. This will allow more flexibility for locker storage and trailering.
Made a fiberglass tube for the pennant to slide through.

Varnished a tiller. I found five tillers in my garage ( one 420, one lazer, two sneakbox and one unknown) decided to recycle the anonymous one rather than make a new one. Am also recycling a pair of pintles and will have to make some size accommodations since they are not the right size.

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