Saturday, May 9, 2009

Material Science

Samples were obtained by mixing MAS epoxy with medium hardener at recommended proportions and then mixing 5 mL of the mixed resin with enough dry sample material to create a spreadable mixture that retained its shape. This is the "peanut butter" texture from the West System epoxy book. These were placed in 10mL conical tubes to harden and 1 and 2 mL samples were sawn from the tubes 24hrs later. The 1 Ml samples were attached to glass slides with expoy and the cut surface viewed with an inverted microscope at 600x resolution. Dry samples of the fillers were sandwiched between slides to allow comparison. Images were captured with a Canon PowerShot A720IS camera directly from the objective lens. Images were opened in CS2 Photoshop and cropped to 1 mm squares allowing for measurement and comparison in the same scale.
A few interesting samples are shown above.

The 2 mL slices were massed and then immersed in water at room temperature for 48hrs. The cylinders were wiped dry and placed on a Kim wipe to absorb any further moisture released. The samples were massed again at intervals of 0.5, 1, 2, 3 hrs, and 12 hrs to determine if they would absorb water.

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