Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's a Boat!

It is a boat. only two and a half hours from flat to form. I had the best help in the world. 3 Men with good stories as well as willing hands. The morning flew by as holes were drilled, wires fed through and twisted. (Ron suggested Twisted Sister as a name.) The hull panels came together well. We had the same difficulty at the stern as Carl did. The stern kicks up a bit at the last, tends to spread the keel stitching and the angle of the transom is a bit deeper than the stern bulkhead. But both station wagons in the parking lot held line and web straps for pulling it in tight. Nothing like having sailors for friends.
I had the glories of working in a very large, cavernous, well lit space. As we put the two halves on the cradle, I had rigged wires from the ceiling to support the "wings" (actually the sides) they worked so well, they ended up supporting the whole boat as she came together.
This day has highlighted one of the aspects of sustainability that I feel is very important. It is the person to person sense of responsibility and sharing that exist in community. I was able to help on a friend's boat assembly, learning valuable stuff along the way from another friend that had already had the fun of folding his boat.

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